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Modular hose system

“Universal Modular Coolant Hose System Compatible with most popular existing systems on the market ”

Thanks to its optimal functionality, this system is used in various industrial sectors, in the field of CNC machines to bring the coolant and in the field of lubrication to bring air or liquids.

Our company can offer a wide range of accessories and flexible solutions including: connector, nozzles of different diameters and range, valves, Y fittings and magnetic bases.

is available in 3 different sizes 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4"


Main Features:  

  • Vibration resistant

  • Unalterable by normal chemicals

  • If flexed, diameter and flow remain unchanged

  • No electrical conductor

  • Built with high quality polymers Hostaform

Modular Coolant Hose System
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